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Gas Chromatograph, Portable Dewpoint Meter, Gas Analyzer, Oxygen Meter Manufacturer, Exporter in India

Hemaki LabServices Pvt. Ltd. are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors for the online/portable Oxygen Analyzer, Gas Analyzer, Gas Moisture Meter, Online / Portable Dew Point Analyzer, Gas Purity Analyzer, Gas Chromatographs and Accessories, CO2 Purity Analyzer, H2 Purity Analyzer, N2 Purity Analyzer etc. in India.

Hemaki offers specialized services in analytical instruments designing, production and servicing, particularly in the areas of Gas Chromatography, Gas Analysis, Chromatography Software, & LPG / CNG analysis.

Hemaki has also developed Oxygen meters, Dew point meters, Gas leak detectors, purge and trap absorption & desorption with various features.

Gas Purity Meters for H2, N2, Co2, He & O2


Industries and Applications

  • Moisture / Dew Point Meters Application

    Air Seperation Plants, Ultra High Purity Gas Plants, Electric Power Generation Power transformer SF 6 Gas

  • Oxygen Meters / Analyser Application

    Gas Purity Check, Oxygen Plants, PSA Plants, Cylinder Filling, MAP Food Packages, Intert Gas Purging of tanks & Vessels

  • CO2 Analyzer Application

    CO2 Incubator, CO2 Purity Checking, Checking of CO2 in atmostphere, rooms

Dealer and Distributors with authorised backup service of

SHAW MOISTURE METERS - U.K. For moisture meters to measure moisture in gases. A new economic model is introduced to measure moisture in air from air dryers.

ORTHODYNE - BELGIUM. For Ultra High Purity Gas Analyzers for gases like He, H2, Ar, N2 O2, CO2 etc for on line Lab scale application form.