Combination Analyzer Manufacturer, Distributors in India

Hemaki developed a Combination Analyzer Model-OMPM-DP suitable for cylinder-filling plants

Salient Features :

  • This has two analyzers combined in one cabinet. One analyzer gives Oxygen( with option of % range 00% to .01% or ppm level-2000ppm to 0.1ppm ), and second gives moisture in Dew-point- range- -100 to +20dpC with 0.1C resolution. with converter reading in PPm (V)
  • Both analyzers are internally connected, so that there is only one input line to be connected.
  • When the analyzer to be switched from one cylinder to next, both the sensors can be bypassed so that no outside air enters the sensor compartment. Hence the analyzer response is fast for the next cylinder reading.
  • This bypass arrangement also increases life of the sensors as it's not exposed to air contamination.
  • This analyzer is easy to use by unskilled work force.
  • Both internal analyzers can be calibrated with standard room air.