Singing Birds Wall Clock Manufacturer, Distributors in India

The singing birds wall clock offered by us is known for its pleasant bird songs that play every hour. These wall clocks are beautifully designed and can be used to enhance the attractiveness of rooms, offices and hotels. Lots of emphasis has been put on the Indian bird songs that play every hour. Our expert team records and digitizes the song using hi-fi systems.

Some of its salient features:
  • Pleasant to Hear Songs
  • Plays after Every Hour
  • Plays for 20 Seconds Each Time
  • Uniquely Designed Dial
  • Beautiful internal designs of the clock
  • It has an electronic micro controller with light sensor.

We provide elegant singing bird clock that chimes with birds songs every hour. The product is capable to add life to your living room and produce a tranquil environment. It is specially designed by a proficient team of bird watchers. The songs are recorded from the birds in wild. We take utmost care to reproduce the quality & fidelity of songs.

Few of the features of the product include :
  • Each song duration is 20 seconds
  • Its dial is different from conventional clock dial
  • There are various pictures of birds instead of the hour numbers such as Peacock, Fantail, Fowl, Malabar Whistling Trush, Koel, Jungle, etc
  • The particular bird song will sound according to the bird picture at that particular hour
  • It has an electronic micro controller with light sensor. This enables the clock to be kept in sleep mode during night and save on the battery during songs.