Bird Wall Singing Clock, Twitter Clock Manufacturer, Distributors India

We are happy to present TWITTER CLOCK that chimes the hour with the song of birds. Manufactured for the first time in India, this clock will not only add interest to your living room but also create a tranquil environment, thanks to the pleasant calls of the birds. When more people are introduced to the magic of bird calls through this product, it will also create an increased awareness about nature and draw more people into the cause for its conservation.

  • This twitter clock is designed by a team of bird watchers. The calls are recorded form the birds in wild. Maximum care is taken to reproduce the quality and fidelity of calls. However you may find some bird calls little hoarse because of limitation in solid state memory chip.
  • Each call duration is 20 seconds.
  • Twitter clock dial is different from conventional clock dial. There are different bird pictures instead of the hour numbers like Peacock, Fantail, Koel, Jungle, Fowl, Malabar Whistling Trush etc.
  • The particular bird call will sound according to the bird picture at that particular hour.
  • The clock has electronic micro controller with light sensor. At night (dark hours) the lght sensor will keep the clock in sleep mode to ensure no disturbance during sleeping hours at night and controls the battery only during calls. Thus helps to have prolonged battery life. Care should be taken, that the clock dial face the room light properly.